Under ramp frequency converters series EAC-PBB

Under ramp EAC-PBB series frequency converters are used for ground handling of all types of aircraft with the power supply frequency of 400 Hz.

Power supplies of this type are installed under the passenger boarding bridge, which allows you to optimize the traffic routes of maintenance trucks. There are two types of EAC-PBB: with or without coil. Plugs can be equipped with GPU’s ON/OFF buttons. The unit is operated using remote control located on the PBB support column or at another location depending on our client’s requirements.


Main technical parameters of EAC-PBB


Parameter Value
Rated output voltage, V 115/200
Rated output power, kVA Up to 180
Number of outputs Up to 2
Nominal load power factor not less than 0,8
Range of load changes, % 0-100
Stabilization accuracy of the output voltage, % 2
Coefficient of amplitude modulation of the output voltage, % not more 1,5
Output voltage frequency, Hz 400
Stabilization accuracy of the output frequency, Hz 2
Voltage imbalance, not more than 3
Sine wave distortion factor, not worse, % 3
Maximum overload during 60 min     110%
Maximum overload during 10 min     125%
Maximum overload during 60 s 150%
Maximum overload during 30 s 200%
Maximum overload during 3 s 300%
Efficiency, not less, % 97
Automatic cable voltage drop compensation Yes
Remote control Yes