EAZ Cable extender

EAZ cable extender is intended for storing and moving of cables from GPU to aircraft. Extender can consist of one or two cables for AC 400Hz or 28,5VDC voltage.
Standard execution of EAZ consists of support bases (with wheels), mounted on the edges of sections, with the required number of sections and cable box for storage a cable with plug (AC/DC).
The extender has a simple modular design with bolt connections of few sections. The maximum angle between the adjacent sections is 270 degrees. The main parts of the extender are tubes with lengths up to 5 metres with a rectangular cross-section 120×80 mm with drain slots for ventilation and condensation drainage.
Metal details are made of steel with zinc antirust cover.
The basket can be equipped with GPU remote control unit with power ON/OFF, start/stop, emergency stop pushbuttons; display to indicate voltage/current/frequency level and fault messages.