EABT Cable Reel

Mobile cable reel series EABT is designed for storage and transportation of the supply cable capable of voltages up to 1000V DC and AC currents.

The mobile cable drum EABT series consists of a cart on three wheels with the carrier having the opportunity to be locked in an upright position and lock the front wheel of the cart. The drum and pallet are made of galvanized steel and is mounted on the bogie frame on four supports. Rotation of the drum is provided with two bearings. A basket, mounted on the bogie frame, designed to store the free end of the cable to the connector. The other end is fixed and has a terminal connector on the side of the drum. 8 lock in the extended position allows the drum to rotate and thus unwinding the cable. In order to fix the drum, the operator must push the retainer into the hole on the side plate of the drum.

Drum capacity is up to 100m cable with 4x70mm2 intersection.

The cable drum supplied is assembled with a cable along with the necessary connectors.