Dual-channel rectifiers can be equipped with KPA series switchgear providing voltage switching during engine start.

New Generation EAR series rectifiers are designed to power on-board electrical equipment and launch aircraft and helicopters with a voltage of 28.5 V and a rated current of up to 1200 A continuously (on request they can be manufactured with great source output parameters), with an overload of up to 2500 A.

New Generation rectifiers are equipped with a MPCU microprocessor control plate, which is intended for control functions, protection and diagnosis. Rectifiers can also be equipped with an access system and energy consumption monitoring system.

In order to attain the parameters required by the new generation of aircraft, we can also propose a complete solution for replacing old versions of TRUs for 400 Hz diesel engine driven GPUs with our converter rectifier units.

A new lightweight compact design of the unit is now available.



24/48 mode
Rated output voltage using series configured outputs, V 48
Series configured outputs voltage range, V 48-60
24/48 mode rated output current, A 750
24/48 mode 750A current operational endurance, minutes
(from cold condition, with at least 15 minute intervals)
Current limiting, A 750
Total output power, kW 36,0


2х28,5V mode
Output quantity 2
Rated output voltage, V 28,5
Output voltage stabililization accuracy, V ±0,85
Rated dual-channel operation mode output current, A 400
Safe single channel overcurrent for the duration of an hour, provided the other channel’s output does not exceed 200A, and an interval of 3 hours between such occurences, A 630
Safe short-term (2 seconds) overcurrent of any single output with an interval of repeatability of not less than 3 minutes, A 2500
Rated total output power, kW 24,0
Maximum output power, kW 36,0
Output voltage ripple factor, not to exceed, % 7,4
Efficiency, no less than, % 92