Converter-Rectifier Unit EAR-800C

Converter-Rectifier Units are used for replacing old versions of Transformer-rectifier units (TRU).
They are to be used with 400Hz Ground Power Units.

The ElectroAir EAR-800C Converter –Rectifier Unit is an optional component for installation on 400Hz diesel engine driven Ground Power Units, to provide power for aircraft that require 28,5VDC. The EAR-800C can be also factory installed on any new diesel engine driven GPU. Moreover, it can be retrofitted to many older diesel and synchronous motor driven Ground Power Units.

Please consult us what type of hardware is needed to install EAR-800C on “in service” units.

This unit can also perform as usual rectifier with standard 400Hz, 3- phase 200V input. Execution can be either stationary or towable mobile. In the case of needing to supply 28,5VDC to some aircrafts, the EAR-800C can be easily connected to a frequency converter with a regular 400Hz plug.

Unlike any of the others transformer-rectifier units, EAR-800C converter-rectifier units have a converting part with a bank of capacitors, which allows the unit to withstand high dynamic overloads in spite of diesel engine characteristics.


Standard features

Parameter Value
Rated output voltage, V 28,5
Line drop compensation  Autopmatic
Rated output current, A 800
Maximum overload 100 amps – 5 min; 2500 amps -3 sec
Output voltage stabilization accuracy, % ±0,85
Rated output power, kW 22,8
Number of power outputs 1
Input voltage, V 115/200, 3-phase
Input frequency, Hz 400
Dimensions L/W/H, mm, not more than 900/570/630
GPU max weight, kg 150
Protection IP55
Overload protection Short circuit, thermal overload, overvoltage
Control panel Voltmeter, ammeter, AC contractor on/off switch
Temperature execution Tropic, Standard, Nordic
Relative humidity 0-100%