EAR rectifiers

Rectifiers EAR series are designed to power onboard electrical equipment of the planes and helicopters with voltage 28.5 V and a rated current up to 1200 A (on request they can be manufactured with great source output parameters). Rectifier EAR-2×800 has two DC output channels with the ability to work on a “24/48V” for launching aircraft.


Main technical parameters of EAR series rectifiers:

Parameter Value
Input Voltage, V 3×380(220;440;480) ±10%
Input frequency, Hz 50/60/400  ±5%
Rectification 6 pulse/12 pulse
Power factor >0.97 at 100% load
Quantity of outputs Up to 4
Rated output voltage, VDC 28.5
Engine starting mode, VDC 24/48
Output voltage stabilization accuracy, VDC 0.5
Current, A Up to 1400
Admissible short-term overcurrent, A Up to 3000
Output voltage ripple factor, % maximum 2
Coefficient of efficiency, % 97
User interfaces RS232/485 interface/CAN

TCP/IP interface

Inrush current None, soft start
Climatic execution North, Tropical, Standard
Compensation of the voltage drop on the cable