EAC Converters

The frequency converters of our EAC series are intended for the ground servicing of all aircraft types with a frequency of 400 Hz up to 360 kVA.

EAC series converters assist with the fast, reliable and safe launch of aircraft engines and they provide an uninterrupted power supply when the aircraft is on the ground, reducing the amount of exhaust fumes and noise level within the airport area.

They are fully compliant with the required parameters and can be used as solid state, mobile towable or under-ramp with cable coil.

A new lightweight compact design of the unit is now available.

Converters provide contemporaneous unrelated power supply for up to 4 aircrafts.

Converters of the EAC series assist with a fast, reliable and safe launch of the aircraft engines, providing an uninterrupted power supply when the aircraft is on the ground, reducing the amount of exhaust fumes and noise level within the airport area. There is automatic compensation for voltage drops on the output cable. The length of output cables can be up to 200 metres. Safety – during GPU operation the enclosure door is automatically blocked. They are fully compliant with declared rated parameters. The declared output power of our competitors 90kVA is in fact only 72kVA – this means lower overload time and reduces the possibilities of failure. They function in tropical and seaside climate conditions, which confirmed by long-time implementations at open fields of ElectroAir customers.



Ground Power Units are manufactured up to the international standards:

ISO6858 Aircraft ground support electrical supplies General requirements
ISO1540 Aerospace Characteristics of aircraft electrical systems
BS 2G 219 General requirements for ground support equipment
MIL-STD-704E Aircraft electric power characteristics
EN 50091 -1 Specification for Uninterruptable power systems
EN 61000-6-4 Electromagnetic compatibility, Generic emission standard (EN 50081-2)
EN 61000-6-2 Electromagnetic compatibility, Generic immunity standard (EN 50082-2)
EN 61558-2-6 Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar – Part 2-6: Particular requirements for safety isolating transformers for general use.
EN 12312-20 Aircraft ground support equipment-Specific requirements- Electrical ground power units
EN 2282 Aerospace series characteristics of aircraft electrical supplies
EN 1915-1 Aircraft ground support equipment General requirements – Basic safety requirements
SAEARP 50 15 Ground equipment 400 Hz ground power performance requirement
IEC 60721 Classification of environmental conditions
IEC 60529 Classification of degrees of protection provided
DFS400 Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power
GOST 54073-2010 Electric power supply systems of aircrafts and helicopters. General requirements and norms of quality of electric energy
ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standard
ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
EN 124 Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas (F900)
73/23/EEC Low voltage Directive (LVD) (2006/95/EC)
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Our units can be manufactured in stationary, mobile or mobile stairway executions, as well as any other customer-specified fashion. Similarly, equipment may be specifically customized for optimum operation in either northern, temperate or hot climates.