APA diesel engine driven GPU

The Ultra Green Power Solution Diesel engine driven GPU series APA is designed to reduce CO2 emissions with its unique technical characteristics.

There is an additional output of standard voltage 50/60 Hz. You can also use it as mobile electrical GPU by connecting it to a 50 Hz, 400 V 3 phase main power supply. These two features allow it to perform the complete service of aircrafts at remote parking spaces and use APA series GPUs inside of aircraft hangars without emitting CO2.

It has the following outputs: constant voltage 28.5 V (up to two output channels) and three-phase alternating 3×115 V frequency 400 Hz (up to three output channels). These GPUs have diesel generator sets, which provide a three-phase AC input voltage 3×400 V for rectifiers EAR and frequency converters EAC. 400 Hz 36 VAC and 270 VDC outputs are also available. All power supply channels are independent and have very stable output parameters.



Main technical parameters of combined power supply unit series APA

Parameter Value
 Environmental conditions temperature value, С0 -45 ÷ +50
 Degree of protection    IP54
 Execution  Stationary/Моbile / Truck mounted
 Beacon light  Yes
 Automatic cable voltage drop compensation  Yes
 Output voltage of diesel generator, V   3х400
 Engine  Perkins 1100 Series / Deutz – optional
 Starting system  Electric starter
 Cooling system  Liquid, closed