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EAR series ground current rectifiers

Rectifiers EAR series are designed to power onboard electrical equipment of the planes and helicopters with voltage 28.5 V and a rated current up to 1200 A (on request they can be manufactured with great source output parameters). Rectifier EAR-2x800 has two DC output channels with the ability to work on a "24/48V" for launching aircraft. 

Rectifiers series EAR are made ​​of two types:

Single channel rectifiers with rated currents from 20 to 1400A.

  • Standard dual channel rectifiers of 30, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400A. We can also supply rectifiers with dual-channel dispenser series KPA, providing switching of the output voltage when the engine starts.
  • Rectifiers are equipped with a microprocessor control plate MPCU, which is intended for control functions, protection and diagnosis. Optionally rectifiers can be equipped with an access system and energy consumption monitoring system.


Functional characteristics of airfield system for rectifier series EAR:

  • Variability of access for servicing and maintenance of rectifier by technical personnel
  • The "black box" with the recording parameters of voltage and current at the time of emergency situation
  • Remote power on / off to save power of the rectifier and labor costs
  • Remote diagnostics of all units of the rectifier
  • Recording and transmission of energy consumption parameters
  • Transmission verification codes and signals of all parameters of the rectifier
  • RS232/485 interface.
  • Ergonomic design


Compact design of the units is available for business aviation with a compensation of the voltage drop in the cable that allows you to use a cable with length up to 50 meters. All materials are both environmentally friendly and safe.

Main technical parameters of EAR series rectifiers:



Input Voltage, V

3x380(220;440;480) ±10%

Input frequency, Hz

50/60/400  ±5%


6 pulse/12 pulse

Power factor

>0.97 at 100% load

Quantity of outputs

Up to 4

Rated output voltage, VDC


Engine starting mode, VDC


Output voltage stabilization accuracy, VDC


Current, A

Up to 1400

Admissible short-term overcurrent, A

Up to 3000

Output voltage ripple factor, %

maximum 2

Coefficient of efficiency, %


User interfaces

RS232/485 interface/CAN

TCP/IP interface

Inrush current

None, soft start

Climatic execution

North, Tropical, Standard

Compensation of the voltage drop on the cable