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Battery charger/discharger unit EAR-CH

The Charger-Discharger EAR-CH serves to test, charge, discharge and commissioning of aircraft batteries. The device provides over 20 pre-installed programs of operation for all types of batteries. Also, creating and saving of user-defined settings is available. With a printing protocol and the ability to connect to a computer you are able to store the maintenance history of each battery.

Besides prescribed charger/discharger programs there is a possibility to install charger/discharger parameters manually using digital display. Voltage and temperature measurement are performed by every element with special «Probe» testers. Without connection to the battery EAR-CH can be used as a DC power source. Users can save programs that they compiled personally; additionally 20 programs are already set in the Unit. If electrical power is lost to the system, the EAR-CH has a memorizing function so the unit`s last state will be restored.

Main Technical Parameters of EAR-CH



Input voltage, V

220 + 10% (single-phase alternating)

Input frequency, Hz


Input power, VA


External mains protection, A


Fan power, L/min

about 100 / 300

Charge current range, A

0.1 – 50

Discharge current range, A

50 – 0.1

Charge voltage range, V

0.1 – 50

Discharge voltage range, V

50 – 0.1

Voltage error

< 0.1 % of rated parameter

Current power error

< 3 % of rated parameter

Temperature error, 0С

< ±2


VDE 0160, class 1

Protection type

IP 23

Working temperature, 0С

0 to +45

Weight , kg

in 19” body, without battery cable, up to 25 kg

Dimensions, LxWxH, mm


Free space for exhaust, mm

> 100