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EAC 2 x 90

Frequency converters of our EAC series are intended for ground servicing of all aircraft types with a frequency of 400Hz. These converters are delivered in correspondence with customer requirements with rated power up to 360 kVA with up to 4 outputs execution. 

Converters provide contemporaneous unrelated power supply for up to 4 aircrafts.

Converters of the EAC series assist with a fast, reliable and safe launch of the aircraft engines, providing an uninterrupted power supply when the aircraft is on the ground, reducing the amount of exhaust fumes and noise level within the airport area. There is automatic compensation for voltage drops on the output cable. The length of output cables can be up to 200 meters. Safety – during GPU operation the enclosure door is automatically blocked. They are fully compliant with declared rated parameters. The declared output power of our competitors 90kVA is in fact only 72kVA – this means lower overload time and reduces the possibilities of failure. They function in tropical and seaside climate conditions, which confirmed by long-time implementations at open fields of ElectroAir customers.

Main technical parameters of EAC series frequency converters



Input Voltage, V


Input frequency, Hz

50/60 ±5%


6/12 pulse

Power factor

>0.97 at 100% load

Quantity of outputs

Up to 4

Rated output voltage, VAC


Output voltage accuracy, %


Range of voltage regulation, V


Output frequency, Hz

400 ±0.1%

Range of frequency regulation, Hz


Rated output power, kVA

Up to 360

Output voltage ripple factor, %


Coefficient of efficiency, %


User interfaces

RS485/232 interface/CAN

TCP/IP interface

Remote control

Optional - Cable, Ethernet, Internet

Maximum overload during 60 min   


Maximum overload during 10 min   


Maximum overload during 60 s


Maximum overload during 30 s


Maximum overload during 3 s


Noise level


Climatic execution

North, Tropical, Standart


According to the requirements. Standard (L/W/H – 870mm/820mm/1370mm)

Automatic compensation of the voltage drop on the cable – up to 200 m

Voltage adjustment at asymmetric load

All equipment can be manufactured in stationary, diesel- engine driven, mobile or under trap execution