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EACR series combined GPUs

EACR series combined GPUs

Combined power supply units of ЕАСR series are intended to supply power to onboard electrical equipment of aircrafts and helicopters during pre-flight preparation at airports, shop floors of aircraft industry enterprises and complex training simulators in aviation study-training centers. These power supply units have two types of outputs: one with direct current of 28.5V, and second one with alternating current of 400 Hz. DC outputs can be operated both as two-channel with function 24/48 VDC and single-channel with 28.5 VDC.

Two outputs with 3х115/200V 400Hz of total power up to 360 kVA and additionally 3rd output with 400 Hz 36 V of power up to 10 кW can be designed in a power supply unit.

You can use AC and DC outputs simultaneously, so you can use one GPU for supply of several aircrafts. This is contrary to our competitors rule – one GPU for one aircraft.

Anti-condensation unit built into the GPU’s enclosure.

Main technical parameters of combined power supply unit series EACR:

Parameter Value
Input parameters:  
Rated input voltage, V 3x380 (220;440;460) +/-10%, PE
Rated input frequency, Hz 50/60
Environmental conditions, temperature value, C° -40 ÷ +55
Execution Stationary / Mobile
Possibility to use AC and DC outputs simultaneously Yes
Degree of protection IP54
Automatic compensation of voltage drop on the cable Yes
Indication display - parameters/settings Yes
Possibility of output voltage and frequency regulation Yes


Outputs AC 400Hz  
Nominal (continuous) output power, kVA Up to 180
Nominal output voltage, V 3L+N 115/200
Nominal load power factor not less than 0,8
Range of load changes, % 0-100
Stabilization accuracy of the output voltage, % +/- 2
Output voltage frequency, Hz 400
Maximum overload during 60 min 110%
Maximum overload during 10 min 125%
Maximum overload during 60 sec 150%
Maximum overload during 2 sec 175%
Output frequencydeviation from nominal, % +/- 0,1
Sine wave distortion factor, not worse, % 2
Output DC 28,5V  
Nominal output voltage, V 28,5
Nominal output current, A 800
Accuracy stabilize the output voltage, V +/- 0,5
Coefficient of output voltage ripple, max, % <2
Permitted overloading during 2 s 2 Inom
Permitted overloading during 50s 1,25 ÷ 2 Inom
Regime «24/28» Yes