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Diesel engine driven Ground Power Unit series APA

Diesel engine driven GPU series APA is designed to supply electrical equipment onboard aircraft and helicopters with constant voltage 28,5V (up to two output channels) and three-phase alternating 3x115V frequency 400Hz (up to three output channels). These GPUs have diesel generator sets, providing a three-phase AC input voltage 3x400V for rectifiers EAR and frequency converters EAC. The diesel generator unit and unit conversion equipment mounted on a single frame, which, in turn, is mounted on a truck chassis.

An additional 3-rd output with 400Hz 36V of power up to 10kW can be designed in a power supply unit. An energy intermediate unit ensures a smooth load variation to the diesel-generator. It means, that you get high stability of output voltage and fixed frequency 400Hz+-0,01% at any unstable load level.

There is an additional output of standard voltage 50/60Hz. The customer can perform the complete service of aircrafts at remote parking plots with the possibility to supply power of common loads with standard voltage 50/60Hz without having to buy additional equipment. This saves time and simplifies service processes at remote parking places.

Output AC 400 Hz  
Nominal (continuous) output power, kVA Up to 180
Nominal output voltage, V 3L+ 115/200
Nominal load power factor not less than 0,8
Range of load changes, % 0-100
Stabilization accuracy of the output voltage, % ±2
Output voltage frequency, Hz 400
Output frequency deviation from nominal, % ± 0,1
Sine wave distortion factor, not worse, % 3
Maximum overload during 60 min 110%
Maximum overload during 10 min 125%
Maximum overload during 60 sec 150%
Maximum overload during 2 sec 175%
Output DC 28,5V (number of outputs: up to 2)  
Nominal output voltage, V 28,5
Nominal output current, A Up to 1400
Accuracy stabilize the output voltage, V ± 0,5
Coefficient of output voltage ripple, max, % <2
Permitted overloading during 2 s 2 Inom
Permitted overloading during 50 s 1,25 ÷ 2 Inom
Regime « 24/48 »  Yes